13 Official Actively Spoken Language In Indonesian


Knowing about actively spoken language is so important to do. The country has 240 millions of people with variety ethnic group in it. As a result, you don’t have to surprise if finding that there are many actively spoken language available in this country. However, there is only one language become official to speak with. The language is Bahasa Indonesia. However, it is good idea if you want to know more about other languages available in it. Some languages that you have to know is in below lists:

  1. Rejang language in South Sumatra
  2. Dairi language in North Sumatra
  3. Toraja language in South Sulawesi
  4. Lampung language in South Sumatra
  5. Makassarese language in South Sulawesi
  6. Toba Batak language in North Sumatra
  7. Sasak language in Lombok
  8. Banjarese language in South Kalimantan
  9. Acehnese language in North Sumatra
  10. Balinese language in Balin and Lombok
  11. Buginese language in South Sulawesi
  12. Minangkabau language in Central Sumatra
  13. Javanese language in Java


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Indonesia Consider Themselves Proud Bilinguals

Due to much actively spoken language in Indonesia, many people consider to be proud of it. At first when entering school, the language learned by the students is Bahasa Indonesia. Generally, many people in Indonesia will know about their own actively spoken language, as well as Bahasa Indonesia.

In this modern era, the presence of Bahasa Indonesia becomes more dominate. It is because people can now communicate with each other easily. Even though they are apart from one area with another, they can still communicate using the cellular phone, and many more. People can also do online shop in Internet. As a result, it makes them easily able to speak using the language.


People In Indonesian Also Learn About Worldwide Language

Even though Indonesian people have actively spoken language, they also learn about worldwide language, for example English language, Japanese and many specific languages. It is because they have known about actively spoken language, and want to know more about the worldwide condition. In order to know and understand the condition, they become curious and learn about other languages.

In addition, in this modern era, people tend to know about many other languages to be used for specific purposes, such as teaching, becoming a guide, business purposes, and many more. With the fact, it is not surprising to see many professional people tend to use native language, rather than actively spoken language.


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