5 Facts About Indonesia Health Care


Indonesia health care has become an important thing that you have to consider as a foreigner. You don’t know when to get sick or disease. Even though human has its own immune system, it is a good idea to know the steps that you have to do to get it easily. With preparing for the worst case, you can know to learn about Indonesia health care. As a result, there are many advantages that you can find through it. Here are several facts about Indonesia health care that you need to know.

1. Indonesian In The Process Of Decentralization

Indonesia health care right now is in the progress of decentralization. As a result, the responsibility for health care has been moved from provincial into district level. As you can see that this is the sign that Indonesia faces several health challenges that need to solve. However, the number of people gets sick and goes to the hospital keeps increasing. By knowing this fact, you may want to prepare for the best about how to get the best Indonesia health care as long as you arrive.


2. High Prevalence of HIV/AIDS And Tuberculosis

From the first point, you know that Indonesia health care faces difficult problem due to prevalence to deal with. The most popular is HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. The number of people dies due to this disease is about 250 people every day. Some of them also get infected with Malaria. It is usually more available in rural areas.


3. Differences Of Indonesia Health Care System

The foreigner must also know that there are several differences available about Indonesia health care access in the rural and urban area. Usually, in some place, it is not easy to access the health care area. When there is an urgent condition, the thing can get worse. But, it is different if the place is near the health care access available in it.


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4. Problems With The Number Of Doctors

Indonesia health care also faces challenging obstacles since two-thirds of a doctor in Indonesia is based in Java. Due to reason, when some area needs to get the doctor urgency, the obstacles become more and more complicated. For example, when there is a disaster happening, what things can be done when accessing to health care is not maximum?


5. Ministry of Health Try To Overcome The Problem

However, the foreigner doesn’t have to worry since the Ministry of Health right now keeps trying to overcome the obstacles in the field of Indonesia health care. One element becomes the focus is improving the communities of self-reliance in it. The goal, in the end, is decreasing the morbidity rate, increase public health budget, and many more.


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