5 Facts About Job Prospect In Indonesia For Foreigner


There are several things to consider before you know about job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner. The growth of Indonesia economic nowadays moves into beneficial sectors. As a result, Indonesian still suffer with the rate of high unemployment. It means that job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner will become quite a challenge in it. Here are several selections of job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner you can do:

1. It Is Not Easy To Find Job Opportunity

Job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner may need more struggle, as you can see that it is not esay to find job opportunity with high demand of searching job in Indonesia. However, the job vacancy is not as many as you realize. It is proven with the high number of unemployment available in Indonesia.


2. The Terms and Policies for Foreign Worker

Job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner will become a challenge due to the strict terms and policies regulated by the government. As a result, it can be seen that the number of foreign worker in Indonesia are not as high as you think. It is implicitly shown that the Indonesia still doesn’t need foreign workers since the number of unemployment in Indonesia is still high itself.


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3. You Must Master In Specific Skills

Job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner will become easy if you have specific skill which not all people have it, for example becoming a pilot, doctor, and many more. However, the number of local people who have such ability keeps increasing every time. As a result, you may have competition which such people in order to obtain job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner that you need.


4. The Unemployment Rate Is Not 100% Correct

Job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner will become more difficult as you see that the unemployment rate released by the Government data may not 100% correct. There are still many people out there have unemployment status, but there are not officially calculated by the government. With this fact, you can see that finding job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner can become something harder.


5. Consider About Working With Passive Income

Job prospect in Indonesia for foreigner may become a good idea if you have passive income out there. As long as you have source of money from passive income, you can stay at ease. It is due to the money you can always obtain. Passive income can be obtained through the investment, and many more.


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