How To Get Driving License In Indonesia

How To Get Driving License For Foreigner In Indonesia

If you have KITAS and KITAP already, it will become much easier for you to obtain a driving license in Indonesia. As you can see that having a driving license is important in Indonesian. If you want to go somewhere else with using your own transportation (car, motorcycle, etc), driving license is the requirement that you must have. Without that requirement, it is possible that you will get a penalty. Luckily, it is not that difficult to get SIM (Surat Izin Mengemudi) or driving license in Indonesia.

1. Go To the Department of Motor Vehicles

How To Get Driving License For Foreigner In Indonesia

The first thing that you must do is going to the Department of Motor Vehicle which responsible for issuing a driving license for local and foreigner. It is open at 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM on Monday through Friday. For that reason, make sure you arrive based on the schedule available. Then, you have to submit your application before 12.00 AM, or your application will be processed in the next day. Don’t forget to bring several specifications below such as:

  • Make sure to bring original passport
  • Don’t forget preparing original or valid KITAS
  • You have to bring a driver’s license, foreign driver’s license, or an international driver’s license if it is available
  • Then, you must prepare for photocopies of the identity, as well as valid visa pages in your passport
  • Photocopy of your KITAS card must be prepared in order to proceed
  • You have to bring your own photocopy of driver’s license from home country
  • Bring doctor note which said that you are in a good health


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Sometimes, there are several preparations that you have to bring. Due to that reason, below are some requirements you have to go with:

  • Bring sponsor stamped letter from your company
  • Do you own a blue book or POA? Bring it, too
  • Copy of your STM, SKLD, and SKTT
  • Make sure to bring a personal letter stating about your weight, height, mother’s and father’s names, and body details


2. Make A Payment

How To Get Driving License For Foreigner In Indonesia

After that, you can go to the building stated: Tanda Pembayaran Permohonan Pembuatan Surat Izin Mengemudi. The cost for SIM A is IDR 120,000, and for renewal, you have to pay for IDR 80,000. Then, for SIM C, you have to pay for IDR 100,000, and for renewal, it is just IDR 75,000. For SIM International, you have to pay for IDR 250,000 for new issuance, and renewal with the amount of IDR 225,000.


3. Take A Photo And Fingerprints Requirements

How To Get Driving License For Foreigner In Indonesia

After that, you have to take a picture of your identity, as well as your fingerprints. The attendant may ask you to give the donation, so prepare for additional IDR 5,000 – IDR 10,000.


4. Get Your Driving License

How To Get Driving License For Foreigner In Indonesia

After you follow the procedures above, you can now wait for your name to be called. After several minutes, you will hear that your name is called. Then, pick up your driving license from the window of 26 or 28. Make sure to place your driving license in a safe place.

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