List International School In Surabaya

List International School In Surabaya

International school in Surabaya has many options that you can choose. It is beneficial for a foreigner who wants to select the best school for their children. It is indeed that international school can become the best option since it is available with many facilities as well as using the English language for a school activity. With the facts that many options of an International school in Surabaya available, you can select the one that suits you the best. Here are the lists:


Ciputra School

List International School In Surabaya

First International school in Surabaya you can select is Ciputra School. You can find this school in the address of Puri Widya Kencana Citraland Surabaya. Indeed, this school has many facilities available in it, such as Performing Art Centre, Interactive Computer Technology in each classroom and many more. In order to improve the knowledge of students about global technology, this school also provides 100 networked computers available in it. As a result, it can give them the things needed. CCTV is also installed in the school in order to improve the secure quality in it.


Singapore National Academy

List International School In Surabaya

Another International school in Surabaya that can be chosen is Singapore National Academy. This school divided into Main Campus and West Campus. Main Campus can be found in Pondok Maspion IV Waru Sidoarjo. Meanwhile, West Campus can be found through Telaga Utama Blok D1 No. 31-32. There are many facilities available in it, such as GEMS Laboratory, Mini Sport Court, iPad Class, and many more. With the presence of this school, the student will be able to find the real joyfulness in it.


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Surabaya Grammar School

List International School In Surabaya

Third, you can also select an International school in Surabaya with the name of Surabaya Grammar School. This school is placed in Wisata Bukit Mas II G2-7 Surabaya. Like two schools mentioned above, Surabaya Grammar School also provides a variety of facilities available in it, such as AVA Room, Science Laboratory, Art Room, and many more. There is a Math Room, Outdoor Playground, Computer Room, and many more.


Ivy School

List International School In Surabaya

This is the best school which is facilitated with Full AC and Inspirational Class Room. If you plan to make your child registered in here, you can try to visit it in Graha Family A5 – A7. There are many other facilities available in it, such as Science Laboratory, Colorful Flowers and Fruit Garden. It also has a leading-edge computer lab and modern multifunction cozy library as well.


Sekolah Cikal

List International School In Surabaya

There is an International School in Surabaya which can also be chosen if you plan to register your children in west area school in Surabaya. The name is Sekolah Cikal. By registering in this school, you will find Bilingual School which can improve the use of English Language for children. It also has experienced teaches from IB school (International Baccalaureate).

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