Most Popular Games Created In Indonesia

Most Popular Games Created In Indonesia

Most popular games in Indonesia are available with many options. As you can see, there are many popular developers created a game made in Indonesia. It is so proud to see that Indonesia has created a good type of game which later become popular worldwide. As you can see, it is not easy to create such a good game because there are so many steps that must be done. However, some developers in Indonesia prove that they can make it true. Here are some options of the most popular games in Indonesia available:


1. Sentou Gakuen

Most Popular Games Created In Indonesia

This game is published by PST Team, a small indie developer in Indonesia. It is a web browser game with the MMORPG genre in it. As you can see this type of game is suitable for those who like such genre to be played. This game is one of them. It is provided the player with such a good story and a good game to be played. For more information about best entertainment you can access in Indonesia, WorkLivingIndonesia will give the best solution. Also here you can access additional information about how to live peacefully and access all features in Indonesia for expatriate.


2. Samurai Taisen

Most Popular Games Created In Indonesia

Even though this game looks Japanese, this game is created by the developer in Indonesia. This game is created by PST Team. It is often called by Samurai Great Wars. This game has a visual novel genre in it, and it can be played in Multi-Player mode. To play this game, you can just open a Web Browser and play it. This game was released in May 2013 and became such a popular game at that time.


3. Dread Out

Most Popular Games Created In Indonesia

This game is developed by Digital Happiness. The Director of this game is Vadi Vanadi. If you are curious to play this game, feel free to use Windows, OS X, and Linux. Some so many players love to play this game. As you can see, a game with a mystery genre is always so nice to be played. It has a good story and the best graphic in it.


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4. Legrand Legacy

Most Popular Games Created In Indonesia

Another type of most popular games in Indonesia that you can play is Legrand Legacy. This game is used for Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4, Xbox One, and published by Semisoft. If you like to play this game, feel free to do it. This is the best game that you may like since it has interesting graphics and interactive gameplay.


5. Rage In Peace

Most Popular Games Created In Indonesia

This is one of the best most popular games in Indonesia. It is developed by Indonesian Indie Studio Rolling Glory Jam. You can find this game for Steam and Nintendo Switch. It is a kind of good game that you can enjoy in free time. In that case, feel free to play this game and enjoy leisure you will find in it.


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