Some Glossaries You Must Know When Purchasing Property

Some Glossaries You Must Know When Purchasing Property

Purchasing property might be a challenge for you, especially if you are serious about living in Indonesia for a specific amount of time. Due to that reason, you have to make sure that you choose the best one of it. However, it will become easier if you know several important terms or glossaries that you have to deal with. You will finally understand why such glossary is important to be used right away in order to get the things that you need. Here are some glossaries you must know:

About Property And Daily Living

Some Glossaries You Must Know When Purchasing Property

Here are some glossaries that you need to understand. It is a good idea to learn it before you arrive in Indonesia so that it will not surprise you when you really arrive here:

Alamat: the place or address where you living it

Akta Jual-Beli: This is for the need of selling or buying agreement for the property

Aspek Penatagunaan Tanah: Government approval document about land development

Gang: Alley or lane that you will find in city or rural areas


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About The Right of Using Building

Some Glossaries You Must Know When Purchasing Property

How you will use your property? Of course, you have to know the right of using building in Indonesia, especially if you live in it. Here are some glossaries of it:

Hak Milik: Right of property ownership

Kamar Mandi: Bathroom

Listrik: The electric status (usually it has 4,400 watts for small villa and 7,000 plus for large villa)

Hak Guna Pakai: Right to use property

Harga: The amount of price you have to pay with money

Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB): Right of use for the property

Luas: The size of the area of your property

Kamar Tidur: Bedroom

Kolam Renang: Swimming Pool


About The Period Of Contract

Some Glossaries You Must Know When Purchasing Property

Then, you have to consider knowing about some glossaries in period of contract. With knowing the period of the contract, you will be able to get the things done in no time. You have to understand really much about it. Here are some glossaries about it:

Nama Wajib Pajak: The name of the person who in charge of paying property tax

Masa Kontrak: The lease period of your property

Pajak Bumi & Bangunan (PBB): Building and land tax

Pajak: Tax

Tanda Terima: Receipt

Rumah: The house where you live

Surat Pernyataan: Statement letter

Surat Perjanjian: Letter of the agreement for the property

Saksi: Witness of important matters

Satpam: The security guard who in charge to guard the gate

Pemilik: The owner of the property itself

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