Standards Of Education In Indonesia

Standards Of Education In Indonesia

Standards of education in Indonesia are varied. It can be seen through the policy that everyone in Indonesia must at least receive nine years of compulsory education. How about its education systems? The education system in Indonesia is divided into two parts. There are public and private schools. Then, there is formal education and informal education too. Here you can get information about all of them in an instant.


Differences Between Formal And Informal Education

Standards Of Education In Indonesia

In standards of education in Indonesia, you have to know that formal education consists of private and public school. It is divided again into the primary, secondary and tertiary level. Then for informal education, there are many options available, such as playgroup, kindergarten, homeschooling, pesantren and many more. Homeschooling is popular as you can see that the student can receive the education they need through the home. So they do not need to go to school to get the things they need.


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The literacy rate in Indonesia has grown gradually since 1980. In the year 2008, almost 100 percent of people at the age of 15 to 14 are able to write and read. It is thanks to an education in Indonesia which keeps being developed from time to time.


The Policy Of School Uniform

Standards Of Education In Indonesia

Standards of education in Indonesia can also be seen through the policy of school uniform. There are many types of schools uniform available in Indonesia. The students have to wear school uniform when they go to school. Then on Monday, they have to hold flag-raising ceremonies. In this ceremony, all students in the country of Indonesia wear the same uniform. It is all applied through the students from elementary, secondary and high schools.


About The School Days

Standards Of Education In Indonesia

Now, about the school days, it is applied around 5 – 6 days. The students have to come to the school from Monday to Friday. Some schools have a different policy which the students have to come from Monday to Saturday. Usually, the total amount of time for the students to come to school is about 40 hours per week. The school day varies depends on the region, however usually the class activity starts at 7:00 AM to 13 PM.

The school years usually starts in the Mid of July and finished in the Mid of June. Then, in December, students will have a holiday Eid as a mark for Ramadhan end in each year. International and some private schools may have set the dates themselves.  Typically if the use the European system, they may start school years from September to June.

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