Where To Hunting Jobs In Indonesia


Hunting jobs in Indonesia are a challenging thing to do. For that reason, you have to make sure that you know where and how to obtain it. Even though right now Indonesia is now in the modest growth era, it is not impossible for a foreigner to find it. The first thing that must be done is researching. As you can see that you can take your time to know steps to hunt jobs in Indonesia.

1. Auto Manufacturing

The first option of hunting jobs in Indonesia can be found through the manufacturing industry. It is important to know that Indonesia automotive Industry has further growth right now. It already surpasses Thailand and other types of regional leader sectors. For that reason, having a job in this field is a good idea to do.


2. Energy

Second, you can find a source of hunting jobs in Indonesia in the energy field. As you can see that ICED or Indonesian Clean Energy Programmed (ICED) has been launched in 2011. It has the purpose to reduce greenhouse emissions. For that reason, you can try to hunt jobs in Indonesia through this type of industry right away.


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3. Insurance

Hunting jobs in Indonesia have a good opportunity in the field of insurance. As you can see that the insurance field is able to reach 55.4 Million Dollar assets by the year 2014. For that reason, it is a good idea for you to know about it. If you have mastered this type of field or having experienced to work in such an industry, it is not impossible to apply and get the job in no time.


4. Legal

Have you ever consider hunting jobs in Indonesia? Right now the legal field has become the best working place that you can use. As you can see there are many law firms and investors attracted to invest money in this project. The growth of industry field in Indonesia become the major reason why this is the most suitable place in order to get it easily.


5. Logistic And Packaging

Logistic and packaging field of hunting jobs in Indonesia can be chosen too. It is due to the growth of online shopping so that many people order the product via the Internet. Then, this year the logistic field has grown into 14%, with the amount of 153 Billion US Dollar. The packaging is also growing as well with the amount of 9.6 Billion US Dollar by the year 2016.


6. Tourism

You may get interested in hunting jobs in Indonesia in this field. As you can see that there are many vacation places available in Indonesia. For that reason, there are many tourists came from various countries in the world. In that case, there is a potential that you can get job easily in this field.


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